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Lover of fabricating bad writing;↙↑→↓↖↗↘↙
← Returning to the whole theatrical space of the cartesian cogito
↖pervértedly joking " I think therefore I am",
↑ the Algerian ↑sage has lingeringly disseminated →the infinitude thinking sand←
in his book ↖as poetically as ↗the French filmmaker , self-portrait painter,
→who painted the ↗solitary world histories →
↘passing through the N-dimensional screen
↓murmuring " video ergo ↖sum" (but ↗always later).
↙And the Viennese onèirocritic beside the red couch↗
←transformed the night↓-book-dream into the day-book-dream
↑by the secret key signing its name ↖
↓↓"I play therefore I return "
→(always differently to where?)→ →

・I remember I really enjoyed in Paris the beautiful silent film, "Nanook " made by Robert Flaherty in 1921. There were only three audiences , French papa and his child and me.After the screening the boy in the corridor pointed at me , and looked paled. He said to his papa,
"E, E, Eskimo la!"
"Non, Japonaise"
"Papa, Eskimo, la!!"
"Non, Japonaise"
"Nanooooooooook "


・O O O ☾ ☾ ☾ ☾ ☾ ☾ ♪ ☾ ☾ ♬ ♫☾ ☾ ☾ ☾ O ♪ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥♥

・We have stopped pretending to to love the thing which we did not love.
We only lost the thing which we did not really wished.
The thing loved by the people could only survive
The language that one imposed upon Asian people was not able to last
Because they didn't really love it
So the military and the nuclear plant station will never continue
At last we are learning that love is an absolute image of happiness


・To be a poet in times of distress is while singing to be attentive to the trace of the departed gods (Heidegger)

In Japan there was a tumulus culture in 6-7th centuriy
Today I visited the cluster of ancient burial mound called
"Tamagawa Koffun" along the Tamagawa river
I was poet ,
A mortal who singing gravely
find the trace of the departed gods
follow the trace
I called this tomb Hades cafe
I imagined I asked for me
The River-Styx-parfait and the purgatory bagel
But they served me burialpanaché...
I sat in no-smoking seat but I had no idea
Of how it is possible to make contemplation speak to poem
I hardly sent an express messenger to
my mortal existence

・The big question is; what will be the direction of the citizens' revolt against the dictatorship of markets that instrumentalise governments?

e₁‚₂ =e₁Γ¹₁₂‚₁+ e₂ Γ²₁₂‚₂ +e₃ Γ³₁₂‚₃ 

じゃじゃーん、アインシュタインの友達、ふくろうねこ流数学。ここで(e₁、e₂、e₃)は各々、政府、資本主義、国民の基底を表す。例えば、e₁(政府の基底)が、Α²(資本主義のベクトル)の方向に微小変化したときは、e₁(政府の基底)はΓ¹₁₂‚₁、e₂(資本主義の基底)は Γ²₁₂‚₂、 e₂(国民の基底)は Γ³₁₂‚₃だけ変化する事を意味している。問題は、最後の変化の計量が現実化していないことだ。だから、いまの課題は、e₂(国民の基底)の 変化Γ³₁₂‚₃、システムに国民の意思を導入することなのニャー (わかるひとにはわかる、わからないひとにはわからない)


・Albert Einstein said; now I know why there are so many people who enjoy chopping wood, In this activity one immediately sees the results.
The argument with the other is the same as an act to cut a tree if it is lack of sincerity and mutual understanding. We have to refuse to ghetto the language.
One can really quarrel with brothers and close friends, then when we have the other...
なぜ木を切るのが好きな人が多いのか、いまやっとわかりました。それは、すぐに結果を知る事ができる行為だからでしょう 、とアインシュタインは語る。他者との論争は、誠実さや真摯を伴なわなければ、木を切る行為と同じ、言葉のスラム化だ。人は兄弟や親しい友人とだけ本当の口論ができるものなのに

・Qu'est ce que la cinéma muet ?
Comment peut-il se faire que l'homme pense ce qu'il ne pense pas,
Habite ce qui lui échappe sur le mode d'une occupation muette.
A partir de ce deplacemant de la question transcendentale, la pansee Godardienne
Ne pouvait eviter de ranimer la théme du cogito;
J [V,E] + V[J,E] + E[J.V] = 0
Je voit parce que je ecrit +...+...= 0

・弁証法の息吹、思考可能なものと思考し得ぬもの。フッサールの思考の明確化の極限の方向に、詩人アルトーの思考し得ぬ器官なき身体が立ち現れた。脱出させる力は言葉にありだ。このフーコの分析からは、かのジョイスとゴダールを一望できる。Grammatical but Unacceptable

・ 沈黙に沈黙を重ねても、思考し得ぬものと出会えないままだーそれはなぜか?都合よく、沈黙は論理しか生まないからだ。かえって、フッサールのような思考の明確化の極限の方向に、思考し得ぬものが、詩人アルトーの如き直接行動が立ち現れた、とフーコは分析した。つまり脱出させる力は、言葉にありと。

・Godard ; Quelle est la...la nature de la...de la crise actuelle? On vit dans des économies de merde, des économies qui produisent des ...des déchets. Le capitalisme classique avait pour mission de produire les meilleurs des bien possibles. Dans le monde moderne, aujourd'hui, c'est pas possible de faire faire des bénéfices parce qu'il y a la...la formidable puissance des machines. Les machines se sont mises à aucun besoin, depuis les bombes atomiques jusqu'aux gobelets et plastique. Personne a besoin...

・Godard says;Il a donné à manger à tout Chine

David Harvey says;the "Great Leap Foward"emphasised production and technological and organisational change.It failed in its immediate objectives and produced a massive famine, but almost certainly had a huge impact upon mental conception...Mao completely reorganised the delivery of health care in the 1960's for example, by sending an army of "barefoot doctors" out into the hitherto neglected and impoverished rural regions to teach elementary preventive medicine, public health measures and pre-natal care.The dramatic reductions in infant mortality and increases in life expectancy that resulted just happened to produce the labour surpluses that fuelled China's growth surge after 1980

・Voilà que l'enfant est né , ainsi l'esprit qui se cultive mûrit-il lentement et silencieusement à la rencontre de la figure nouvelle, dissout une portion aprés l'autre de la construction de son monde précédent , son ébranlement ne se trouve signalé que par des symptômes isolés ; la frivolitéaussi bien que l'ennui qui font irruption dans ce qui subsiste, le pressentiment indétermine de quelque chose d'inconnu, sont les prodromes de ce qu'il y a quelque-chose d'autre qui s' annonce.
Ce émietement progressif, qui ne changeait pas la physionomiedu tout, se trouve interrompu par l'aurore, qui, un éclair, dresse d'un coup la configuration du monde nouveau

・Falling profit margins in the 1970s generated a deep transformation that ultimately led government to remove barriers to the transnational flow of capital. Production moved to cheaper labor markets, depressing worker's incomes in the West. To solve the problem of demand, a new kind of finance capitalism arose that poured rivers of credit to increasingly strapped consumers. A historic real estate boom resulted, but when the bubble burst, so did this new financial edifice. David Harvey writes;we need to undertake a radical overhaul that creates an economy that is fairer and truly sustainable

・思考空間としての行列 − 実存主義、構造主義、ポストモダニズム

行列の成分配置のうち、自分の状態を計量する成分Aij(iとjは同じ)は、デカルトの還元主義的方法論を、他との相互作用を計量する成分Aij (iとjは違う)は、「ホーリズム=全体論」の方法論を、あらわす。デカルトを非難した八十年代のポストモダニズムは、「ホーリズム=全体論」を支持した



自分の状態を計量する成分Aij (iとjは同じ、例、A₁₁、A₂₂、A₃₃...)は、ヘーゲルならば、「対自的」と呼ぶものだろう。他方、他との相互作用を計量する成分Aij (iとjは違う,例、A₁₂, A₁₃, A₂₃...)は、「即自的」を意味する。そうすると、 「即自的且つ対自的」は、 Aijの全部をあらわすことになる。



国家主権が及ばない金融部門に対する抗議、Occupy Wall Streetは、共和党とロビーストに操られたオバマと民主党に対する抗議でもある。こちらの民主党も、自民党を徹底的に潰すべきだったーお友達となるのではなく。支持した国民も、政党に任せずに、自らの行動、デモの行動によって財界を捻じ伏せるべきなのだ

・ 白虎、曰く、「われわれが在るものを制限、欠陥として知る場合には、否、感じる場合でさえ、われわれは同時にそれを越えているといえるのではないだろうか。」




・The four Taoist gods supposed to reign over the four points of the compass

The black turtle-snake of the north 玄武 says; Die natürlichen Dinge sind beschrankt, und nur natürlichen Dinge sind sie, insofern sie nichts von ihrer allgemeinen Schranke wissen, insofern ihre Bestimmtheit nur eine Schranke für uns ist, nicht für sie.

The white tiger of the west白虎 says; Als Schranke, Mangel wird etwas nur gewuß, ja empfunden, indem man zugleich darüber hinaus ist.

The blue dragon of the east 青龍 says; Die lebendigen Dinge haben das Vorrecht des Schmerzes vor den leblosen;selbst für jene wird eine einzelne Bestimmtheit zur Empfindung eines Negativen

The red phoenix of the south 朱雀 says; Weil sie als lebendig die Allgemeinheit der Lebendigkeit, die über das Einzelne hinaus ist, in ihnen haben, in dem Negativen ihrer selbst sich noch erhalten und diesen Widerspruch als in ihnen existierend empfinden.

The cosmic egg 風の卵 says;Dieser Widerspruch ist nur in ihnen, insofern beides in dem Einen Subjekt ist, die Allgemeinheit seines Lebensgefühls und die gegen dasselbe negative Einzelnheit. Es ist daher nur Bewußtlosigkeit, nicht einzusehen, daß eben die Bezeichunung von Etwas als einem Endlichen oder Beschränkten den Beweis von der wirklichen Gegenwart des Unendlichen, Unbeschränkten enthält, daß das Wissen von Grenze nur sein kann, insofern das Unbegrenzte diesseits im Bewußtsein ist

・An infinitesimal, dx, dy, is not existence Sein, the thing which there is.
It is not no nothingness Nicht too.
Repetition to transition from Sein to Nicht,
And from Nicht to Sein.
As, lack of the determinate inward, absolute light , is
so immediate and abstract that one cannot recognize it, therefore
it becomes innocent darkness
The dialectic of Sein and Nicht is simply becoming
Fragrance of absolute light


・It is the neighborhood of Baroque imagination that Godard and Joyce arranged their artwork working for the distinguished form of thinking speaking in montage, the movement of "fold and unfold"
And think why Marx wrote the enclosure like Focault.
Actually he tells la condition de clôture. I think.
It begins with fiction,myth;Once Gods freely walked across their earth, an infinite space. And the historical fact of enclosure, from which the primitive accumulation of capital resulted, led to a cognition of the realization of "infinite infinite", l'ouverture infinie du fini; elle <représente finiment l'infinuté>
If it is list der vernunft, then what history exactly wants ?
The enclosure, exploitation of land, makes the dispossessed people radicaly direct the subjects of resisitance movement in the domain of political economics that Marx calls his Das Capital..






・If Marx discuss ideas of Justice explicitly...
I begin with explanation of Marx's vocaburary;

The value of a mass commodities = the value added by ; C + V + M
C = constant capital ( machinery, raw materials etc)
V = variable capital (wage or paid labor)
M = surplus labor (un paid labor)

Since machinery and raw materials add no value, and wages are paid out for necessary labor, total surplus value is the surplus labor.
This means that Marx's labor theory of value attribute the whole social surplus in any period time to surplus (unpaid) labor.

2 Some retions;
The ratio M/V = ratio of surplus labor / necessary labor.
= the rate of exploitation (the rate of surplus value)

The ratio M/(C+V) = ratio of profit

The ratio C/(C+V) = the organic composition of capital

3,A Remark
The rate of profit depends only on M/V and C/(C+V) ; that is , only on the rate of surplus value(exploitation) and the organic composition of capital.

The relation holds because;

M/(C +V) = (M/V)(1- (C/ (C+V))

which says that the rate of profit equals the rate of exploitation multiplied by one minus the organic composition of capital [= C/ (C+V)]

Thus, the greater the rate of exploitation, the higher the rate of profit; and the greater the organic composition of capital, the lower the rate of profit/

4,What is Marx's Justice?
Marx says."A definite quantity of surplus labor is required as insurance against accidents , and by the necessary and progressive expansion of the process of reproduction in keeping with the development of the needs and the growth of population"(Capital).
According to to John Rawls , what we makes M/V>0 exploitation is the nature of the basic structure of society within which it arises. The reason there is no exploitation under socialism lies in the fact that economic activity follows a public democratic plan in which all participate equally.This respects the equal claim rooted on Marx's idea of justice that all have equal access to society's resources.
John Rawls suggested that on Marx's view everyone has an equal claim of access to and use of these resosources; food, medical and welfare. Marx's justice is not consistent with TPP, that will dissolve democratic plan in which all participate equally.
TPP is based on idea of neo-liberal free market, that is thought to have a serious influence on Japanese society; the collapse of a rate of food self-sufficiency and domestic agriculture , the break-down of public health insurance,a threat to low wage of the nurse labor by relaxing introducing the regulation of labor emigrant etc..
* TPP is an abbreviation of The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), also known as the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement, is a multilateral free trade agreement that aims to further liberalise the economies of the Asia-Pacific region. led by initiative of US.

・A human bone; Roman-era couple held hands for 1,500 years

I have the same sense of touch as this couple at the very end had each other
It is coming across the space - the sense of touch
Even the collision of the meteorite collided each other at the beginning of the Universe
That I feel in my inside of the hand as the arrival
It cannot unfold all its folds at once, because they go to infinity
Our hand is a book connected to the universe

イタリア:手つなぎ地中で1500年 男女の人骨発見


Why it must be diversified?
Leibniz says; it is necessary that each monad be different from each other. For there are never two beings in nature that are perfectly alike, two beings in which it is not possible to discover an internal difference...
Without darkness, how one would be able to perceive the change of day light into the shadows of night ? This is the reason why human is protesting a free market competition here and there, that is against the will of world , if it is an exclusion in which only light can survive
It is not coincidence that cinema history began with black and white, because it was so moral...


・"Monad has no window".
It means that Monad is not like window that always separates the outside from the inside. It reminds me not of apartheid, but of separatism rooted in Japanese society. If so, from the outside one could not experience anything but blue sky and sun like Japanese flag-like, the symbol of the pursuit for the material things; the nuclear power station, TPP, macho-expansionism.
Never ! Impossible!! Monad is absolutely spiritual, but...
I think, Leibniz supposes that Monad works as if matter tells space how to bend while space tells matter how to move. Therefore, cannot we invent Monad as movement of dialectics that transcends itself toward the world; pour le monde ?
To the world. We are the awakening from a dream that is turning into a nightmare.

・ギリシャ精神のユダヤ人−freethinker としての"greekenhearted yude" といえば、この人を無視するわけにはいかないニャ!

・STORY of OWLCAT by Takashi Honda http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0061CQO6U/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_ulURob0RWS1PH

・Tokyo can't be tragic form of proximity without sociability

Here comes everybody _collideorscape _collide and escape_ the organizing without organization_ Facebook+Twitter_ Occupy movement goes global

Here comes everybody _"do-it yourself-with-others" spirit _ strong-tie offline activism _ on line weak-tie association _ collideorscape _

working class - to sell your labour in order to live - to look at yourself in the mirror and think" - Now what have I got that I can sell?

Here comes everybody - working class - the multitude - the general intellect - lumpen concept - the people,GO ON! GO ON! GO ON! GO ON!

"Occupy, Resist, Produce". A politics of the encounter utters no right, voices no claims.Protesters-Tunis, Cairo, Athens, Madrid,Manhattan, and Tokyo


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